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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Opt for a Larger Screen- Advertise on Billboards

Billboard advertising, a major canvas for the outdoor advertising and among the advertising pioneers, is often considered to be a complete advertising medium. Billboard is often called to be a hoarding, is a large screen placed in outdoor environment to showcase a product, brand, or anything which needs to be made visible to the eyes of the masses.
Billboard Advertising

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A billboard can be again in various forms, such as, bulletins, posters, painted billboard, digital billboard, mobile billboard, inflatable billboard, bill board placed on street lightening pole/ telecommunication antenna, billboard bicycle, three-dimensional billboard, etc. All these options give an expanded gamut to the advertisers and make them choose the one best for their brand and product category.

The effect of a large billboard is noticed to be alpine, but to present an image tremendous enough to reach the effect is a challenge. A billboard if often placed on high traffic roads with busy traffic to get an increased visibility. A billboard design largely is a clean design with large written witty slogans and bright visuals. The design of a billboard needs to be attractive enough to make people turn around their heads to have a longer glimpse of it, as the placement of a billboard is majorly in places where the minds go highly busy. These busy minds are the places where the decisions are made and though important to influence these affluent customers.
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A billboard, in itself is a sole advertising medium, providing with solutions to all advertising requirements, as it’s a medium which can be used to be placed anywhere. The billboard fulfills all the demands of outdoor advertising, airport advertising and even online advertising. For outdoors and airports, it can be placed around to promote a product, and for online, it can display an online portal’s ad to further attract people to visit it online and see the advertisements displayed there. All together, it can be understood well, that all the advertising mediums are inter-related, a billboard displays an online product and the online media displays an offline product.

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