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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Delhi- The Ideal Market for Outdoor Advertisers!

Advertising in India is an age-old practice of marketing. The norms or trends of advertising in India have observed a drastic as well as dramatic change over the years. The advertising market has also tremendously grown. Big and small towns and cities both have become popular markets for various advertisers in the country. Delhi is one of the in-demand markets where various advertising campaigns have been launched through multiple channels or tools. Also the capital city of India, Advertising in Delhi is not just about brands. Various promotion campaigns for social or political events, brands, services etc. are continuously launched in the city almost every day. Outdoor Advertising is one of the commonly used means of promotion by various advertisers in Delhi.  Airport Advertising, Delhi Metro Advertising and Mall Advertising are some major avenues of outdoor advertising in Delhi.

Delhi Advertising agencies are many in number. These agencies provide promotion solutions for various brands and services that are present in the market. National and International brands have made their presence in the market. The increasing numbers of brands in the market provide advertisers various opportunities to launch various promotion campaigns for them. A new launch of a brand or a promotion campaign of an existing brand equally requires the same input and methodologies of advertising. Delhi Advertising agencies have so far launched innovative campaign for various brands that have made their presence in the market.

Delhi is one such city with its own essence.  The market in Delhi keeps growing at a fast pace. For advertisers, Delhi is an ideal city where various promotion campaigns can be continuously launched from time to time. The rising number of metro stations, the numerous launch of shopping malls in and around the city and also the rise in living standard of people in the city- all these favour the interest of outdoor advertisers in Delhi to launch various OOH campaigns for their respective brands. In fact, one comes across an OOH Advertising display at every street or road of the city. Advertising in Delhi through OOH Ad media has become a common practice of promotion for most of the brand owners or advertisers. Of late, the metro stations, the shopping malls, cinema complexes, bus shelters- all these places have become popular sites of brand promotion for outdoor advertising in Delhi. All in all, Delhi is rightly acknowledged as the ideal market for outdoor advertisers.

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