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Friday, June 21, 2013

Advertising in your Pockets- Mobile and Internet Advertising

For the past many years, advertising was limited to OOH Advertising. The only arena available to advertise was outdoor advertising and airportadvertising. Gradually with the new media and the busy lives, the society shifted online and there developed a need to reach the public digitally on the new media that is through mobile and internet. Online advertising started giving the advertisers a new dimension and soon saw great heights in its success chart.

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Mobile advertising sees a very wide market to capture and is known to be the easiest means spreading a brand worldwide. Mobile advertising provides with a number of choices to advertise, namely pull SMS, push SMS, WAP, voice portal, gaming, bluetooth, contest hosting, subscription alerts, ringtone/ wallpaper download, customer care zone, etc. with all these varied options, a customer can be found surrounded by the advertiser anywhere and everywhere, making the brand get a memorable image and though a better market response. Mobile advertising is found to be the best alternative as it is examined that every person, whether traveling out or not, whether accessing internet or not, is in reach of a mobile phone and can be approached well through the same.

Despite the fact that mobile advertising is highly influential, it sees some drawbacks. There lie some setbacks which are well covered up by internet advertising. Internet advertising too see numerous options to make an appropriate choice, such as email marketing, viral marketing, link popularity, banner advertisement, SEO, SMO, etc. All these options, when used wisely, leave a great impact and convince the customer greatly to click and let the brand go noticed. The banner ads on internet, displayed on every little space, attract the maximum eyes and also fit in up on any website. Many often take banner ads as to internet advertising.

Both of them, the mobile and internet advertising find equal importance and look themselves interdependent on each other to render an effectual ad campaign. Both the mediums are digital, and analyzed to be a pocket friendly even for the advertisers.


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