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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Airports are no more meant only for boarding or getting off the flights. Although the reason for getting to the airport is to board a plane but the uses have increased for sure. One popular benefit that people are drawing out of the airports is the revenues generated through ad campaigns.  Airport advertising is the new word of the nation. Outdoor advertising in any form provides ample opportunities for advertisers to be in the eyes of the people especially the target group for which the ad is meant. And airport advertising is a result of rigid competition among the potential clients for efficient and increased visibility. OOH Advertising has always gained maximum momentum for brand marketing and sales promotion. Time and again, outdoor advertising has always improved itself by adapting different unique and impressive tools of advertising.  With this, advertisers from different sections of businesses have become inclined towards getting updated about all the available and evolving means of OOH Advertising.
Airport, Metro, Mobile, Internet, Outdoor Advertising
TDI – Airport, Metro, Mobile, Internet, Outdoor Advertising
Advertising in airports have become the most endeared mode of publicity nowadays. Many prominent brands, products and services are going for the method of outdoor advertising at airports to display their range of products. Airport advertising, as the term itself suggests, is becoming quite powerful and expensive medium due to the sheer reason of being able to serve the elite class of people from affluent sections like businessmen, corporate professionals, opinion leaders and decision makers. Every display at the airports has a common principle. Every display is placed on a site that catches the eye of every passenger. Marketers are free to choose the mode of Outdoor advertising depending upon the crowd they want to target and the budget. But these days, many cost effective ad solutions are available due to the various creative options available in terms of marketing campaigns.
For Example, Online Advertising is another sector of advertising that is growing at marvelous rates and is witnessing remarkable investments from various businesses. Flexible and interesting options available also add up to the beneficial characteristic of Online Advertising. Another catalyst for sales promotion precisely in the capital city is DMRC Advertising as DMRC is all time favourite public transport for millions of Delhi people who board the metro daily without giving it a miss.

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