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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Delhi Metro Advertising Shows Encouraging Trends

Delhi Metro Advertising has been going through an interesting phase. Amidst the concerns expressed by officials of the Top Delhi Metro Advertising Agencies, newer brands are showing interest in the medium. The recent deals signed by TDI International India P Limited, a leading DMRC Advertising Agency Delhi, show an encouraging trend where newer brands have joined its clientele. They also show a sharp insistence on targeting a definite group.

The campaign run by TDI for PP International School at the metro stations along the line of Pitampura focused on increasing visibility and awareness of the school among the audiences that were most likely to enroll their wards. On the other hand, the campaign run for Duke was an example of seasonal targeting. With the winters having firmly stepped foot in Delhi, Duke utilized TDI’s services to promote its winter wear before a large metro audience. The recent campaigns run by TDI may just be the opening that Delhi Metro Advertising is looking for to start its run towards doing justice to the aspirations and high hopes that were placed on it.

Delhi Metro Ad Campaigns
Delhi Metro Advertising
Another lesson that is to be learnt from these campaigns is the importance of smart choices of the metro stations. It has been longed established that a mere large crowd is not enough in Metro Advertising. Targeting the right audience is also a must. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has mapped the entire length and breadth of the state with its metro train lines. A smart selection of the right metro stations would go a long way in ensuring excellent Return of Investment (RoI). TDI not only offers high impact Delhi Metro Ad Campaigns but also provides excellent guidance on which metro stations would have the best audience for your brand.


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  2. Nice and very information sharing with us. Yes at the present time metro advertising very popular medium for promoting products, brands and services though OOH Advertising in India.