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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Outdoor Advertising India- A growing domain!

Considering the growth rate of outdoor advertising India as a domain, it is worth considering a few points on changes that have been observed in this very sector. This blog highlights brief information on the changing trend of OOH Advertising industry. Keep reading.

Introduction of digital technology is a major revolution in OOH Advertising India domain. Earlier, any OOH Advertising campaign was launched via a conventional medium such as traditional billboard, poster, wall painting, manually installed kiosk etc. With the introduction of digital technology most of the outdoor advertising tools have been enhanced with interactive features. For example, a digital billboard display presents the brand message in a more interesting manner with audio and visual output. What is also striking about a digital billboard is that the advertiser can make any desired change in the existing ad copy by logging into the server right from the office. Manual input is not required when it comes to replacing or editing any type of brand message. 

Another observation noted in OOH Advertising India domain is the increase number of avenues. Airports, Cinema houses, shopping malls, metro stations, bus shelters etc. are some of the avenues of outdoor advertising where advertisers occupy spaces with their brand messages. With number of brands growing day by day, the importance of these OOH avenues has further increased. Transit vehicles such as buses, metro rails, taxis and even auto-rickshaws are also used as outdoor mediums of communicating brand messages.
Outdoor Advertising practices are expected to grow further in the coming years especially considering the growing number of brands in the market and the changing lifestyle of modern customers. The mushrooming number of shopping malls and entertainment houses also accredit one of the reasons why OOH domain is expected to grow further. Brand owners and advertisers should be ready with new strategies of promotion.


  1. At least seven out of ten outdoor ads promote local businesses. The proportion of local advertising is even greater in non-urban areas. Roadside businesses like restaurants and lodging depend on billboards to direct travelers to their locations. This is different from radio advertising

  2. Dear Guys, I has read your blog and get excellent information about outdoor advertising.